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Quick Movie Reviews

I've seen four films in the theater in last month. Here's my quick take:

The Nightmare Before Christmas (in 3-D) - I'd not seen this before, so the story and jokes were quite fresh, and I found it quite inventive. The 3D effect, done using polarized glasses and a digital projector, worked very well; I had to remove the glasses a couple of times to relieve some eye-strain, but I never got any headaches. The music is top-notch here too.

Borat - very funny but also a bit disturbing. I do feel sorry for some of the participants in the film, but it also had some scenes that had me laughing hard.

Casino Royale - best Bond film in quite some time. Very light on gadgetry, much stronger on character motivation. I really liked Eva Green's accountant character, although I felt the last half-hour of the film dragged a bit.

For Your Consideration - this film will have no Oscar buzz. It just wasn't very funny, and there was little emotional connection with the narcissistic characters. Slate had a good article on director Christopher Guest's style of film making that talks about the problems with this film.

Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny - from the pre-credits take on a "THX" intro through the rocking musical pieces and cool cameos, this film had me laughing, cheering, and throwing hand signs at the screen. I'd gotten a little sick of the D a few years ago when they were popping up everywhere, but having familiarity with the Tenacious D mythos made this film a real pleasure to watch. BTW, you do need to stick around to the end of the credits for one final joke.
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