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Why iPhone?
I've been reading a lot of speculation about Apple entering the cell phone market in the near future and everyone's been using the name "iPhone".  Well, Cisco's taken that one now.  However, if Apple is doing this, I think a much better name would just be "iPod phone", similar to the "iPod nano" and "iPod shuffle".  It clearly marks it as a iPod product, with the addition of "phone" capabilities, which seems to be the model that they will be taking with the leaks I've read.

Yes, iPhone is shorter and everyone will call it that, but I don't see the need for Apple to invent another brand when iPod has been working so well for them so far.

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Color me disinterested: An Ipod phone would probably be the worst of both worlds - I wonder if they'd do dialing by wheel? I imagine it'd be quite the treat to the under-30 crowd who never had to deal with rotary dialing the first time around.

What I've seen in recent rumors is that it would have a 12-key keypad, and the scroll wheel would be virtual, overlayed on the screen. You can see the concept already in the cool Palm OS MP3 player mOcean.

An iPhone by any other name....

Yep - I agree that they will very likely stick with the iPod brand, and that is what the core differentiation of this device will likely be.

I am hearing rumors now that the iPhone will not have a 3G radio - going with 2.5G GPRS for size/cost/battery-life reasons. That dashes my hopes of making an iPhone my next phone-of-choice - getting my laptop online at a reasonable speed is a prime goal.

Which leaves... Well, not a whole lot of reasonable choices.

The most exciting phone I have seen mentioned in a while: http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=35590

Linux powered, tablet formfactor, tiny, and a VGA (!!!) res screen!

But, still no usable 3G modem speeds.

I am getting really annoyed at the lack of reasonable phone/PDA options out there for information manager types. The Treo 700P is close, but it just hurts to consider getting yet another Garnet device in 2007.


- chris

look hire, guys http://usachev.livejournal.com/28040.html
there is a lot of funs and jokes about iPhone :)

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