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Day 3: Monteverde

We woke up early this morning; Annelies and I thought it was about 9:30, but our body clocks were off by an hour and a half. After a leisurely breakfast, the four of us headed through the woods, taking a shortcut trail to the nature preserve. This is a park originally setup by the Quaker community here with several nice hiking trails. Michael went back after the woods hike, so we just had Beka as our guide.

We took two different trails. The first was a 1km hike out to a nice waterfall. We didn't see any animals on this part, but there were some wild orchids and a few scenic vistas. The falls were very nice; that's the first of several videos I shot today. We did need to stop at a rest bench both going in and out to give my foot time to rest, but the medicine did a good job of dulling the pain.

Beka and I had a small lunch at the snack bar, then we visited the gift shop. We got to watch a coati run around some of the benches, probing a tourists backpack for a moment. I got video of this raccoon-like animal and a few nice pictures.

We then started out on the second trail, an uphill-then-downhill walk to a suspended bridge named after the man you helped build the trails. This was a bit treacherous for me, as I had to pay a lot of attention to the steps to avoid putting too much pressure on my foot, but it was a fun journey. The bridge was nice, letting us get a better view of the rain forest's canopy.

On the walk back, we took a different, flatter path. This proved quite fortunate as we spotted a howler monkey in the canopy and were able to watch it leap from tree to tree. It even found another monkey in the tree and headed off to a group of monkeys in the distance. I got nice video of the first one jumping around.

After exiting the preserve, we went to the neighboring hummingbird center where they have many feeders setup. It was a prime location, as a number of birds of varying sizes and colors were hovering around, zooming back and forth. They were fascinating to watch, both for their beauty and for their aggressive behavior with each other. Many nice pictures there.

We walked back through the forest to Beka's house after that. My foot was starting to ache and Annelies was getting tired. Right now, she's off napping, I'm writing a blog entry, and then we'll pack everything up for the trip into town and dinner at the Lonely Planet-recommended vegetarian restaurant.
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