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I'm on a Panel at SXSW!

See me speak at SXSW!

I finally get to join some of my illustrious filmmaker friends like poyboy and senorjacob this year by participating in SXSW 2007 as a panelist.  I'm in a session called "Designing for Convergent Devices" that will be Sunday, March 11th at 10am somewhere in the Austin Convention Center.  I'm representing Palm on the panel and will be talking about my experiences doing software for the Treo and taking advantage of its wireless network access and multimedia capabilities.  The panel also includes Jeff Beckham from AT&T, Steve Hoffman of Zannel, David Richard from  Design for Use, and Denise Burton from frog design.

Of course, I'm also doing the Palm application again this year.  I'm not sure who the sponsor will be for this version.  I keep hoping it will be a simple update, but something always seems to come up, requiring a bit of software rework.  Last year, it was the ever increasing number of bands forcing a database rework.  This year I expect to spend some time getting both Kinoma and Pocket Tunes working for streaming media; the Treo 700p has enough bandwidth on the EVDO networks to support video over-the-air if it is encoded right.
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