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SXSW 2007: Day 1

Today was Annelies' first day as a SXSW attendee, and fun was had by all.

Registration took about 90 minutes -- a half hour of standing in line for the panelist desk, followed by getting the big bags and then searching for my contact to get some film passes as part of the trade agreement for doing the Palm app.

We then dropped off a pass at Annelies's mom's house, looked through the bags, filled up a recycling bin with useless magazines and flyers, and headed down to the Alamo South Lamar for the evening's films.

First was the Canadian feature "Monkey Warfare" with Don McKellar (yeah!).  It's about a couple who scavenge garage sales and dumpsters for relics to sell online.  They try to lead an anonymous existence, but Don meets up with a young pot dealer who he turns on to radical movements of the 60's.  There's some nice relationships explored here, and it turned out quite nicely.

After that, we grabbed dinner at Souper Salad and returned to the Alamo for our next three films:

"Alive and Well" was a funny short starring Neil Flynn (the janitor on "Scrubs").  It's about a plane crash with a badminton team and one slightly crazy pilot that wants to immediately resort to cannibalism.

"American Zombie" was the standout film of the night.  A mock documentary about high-functioning zombies in Los Angeles, and very well done.  The gag with a zombie spritual meeting was a real highlight, and we got swag after the film: grey DEADSTRONG bracelets.

"The Trailer Park Boys Movie" made me angry that I'd stayed up until midnight to watch a very formula comedy that relied way to much on the audience being familiar with the characters from the Canadian TV show.  I only laughed a couple of times and mostly found it tedious.

About to go to sleep now.  Tomorrow: "King of Kong" about video game competitors, another doc about balloon animals, a doc about flea markets, and hopefully, a party or two.
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