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SXSW 2007: Day 2

This morning, I saw "The King of Kong", a really great documentary about Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebie, two men competing for the world record score in the classic arcade game Donkey Kong.  It was a wonderful story, full of struggle between good and "questionable".  Steve was there for the QA along with the doc crew, and the audience gave him a standing ovation for his achievement.

The afternoon film was "TWISTED: A Balloonamentary", a look at balloon twisters, their gatherings, and their life stories.  I really liked the amazing sculptures that they made, but the film itself was a bit too scattered, shallowly covering a lot of people instead of focusing on a few stories.  I did find myself crying a lot at the end (a key figure in the twisting world died while the film was being shot), but it was mostly sympathetic tears.

After that was a short, "Scenic Highway", about Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Fun fact: the capitol building there doubled as the UT tower in a film shot in the 70's about the Charles Whitman shootings.  That played with the feature documentary "Fish Kill Flea" about a flea market in New York that closes -- it was OK, but not really very memorable, IMO.

I had dinner at Noodle-ism with my fellow panelists so we could get ready for the morning's session on designing for convergent devices, then Annelies ran into Patrick and Tiffany and I joined up with the three to hang out before they went to see "Big Rig".

Tomorrow: panel in the morning, films all afternoon and evening.  Yeah!
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