The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

SXSW 2007: Day 3

I started out this morning early, getting down to the convention center by 9AM to go to the green room to prep for my panel, "Designing for Convergent Devices".  I was surprised by the large turn out of geeks at the early hour of 10AM after the DST switch.  The panel went quite well; we ran over a few minutes and there were a few tech glitches that we were able to overcome through flash drives and laptop sharing, but I got to show the SXSW app and talk about our design issues, and we had a good discussion.

Films today were hit and miss:  my first outing was a batch of shorts by two of Austin's film-making brother teams, the Zellner's and the Duplass's.  It was all done wrestling style in front of a packed Alamo South screening room, with firecrackers, man thongs, glittery boas, and a girl with a placard all participating in the fun.  After that, I got an amazing parking spot on Congress and zoomed over to the convention center for the documentary "Does Your Soul Have a Cold?" about depression in Japan.  It just depressed me and made me frequently check my phone to see when it would be over.

After that was a quick dinner at Rio Grande, the Mex place that took over the Real World Austin house, the a sprint to the line at the Paramount for "Hannah Takes the Stairs" where Annelies was waiting for me.  This is the new film by Joe Swanburg, and it continued his successful run of honest relationship-based films with a really great cast of collaborators.

Following the film, we got drinks and free t-shirts in black Chinese take-out boxes at the IFC party at Light Bar, then headed away from downtown amid heavy rain and thunder.

Tomorrow: panels in the morning and afternoon, followed by The Heather Gold Show at the Ritz at 7PM, and maybe "Smiley Face" at the Paramount at 10 if we're up to it.
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