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People Blog About My Panel
Jeff, the moderator, has a post about the panel at his weblog with links to a few bloggers who covered it.  The most detailed coverage is at In Transit, but unfortunately SXSW messed up the panelist signage, so I'm identified as Hoffman and Adam, the CEO of Zannel, is identified as me.

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What's it like to be a CEO?

I think I lost a little chunk of my soul :)

Glad to hear the SXSW thing went well. I ran the app on the Garnet emulator - The UI's well thought out, and it's really polished/ integrated. What sort of dev setup are you using?

Did I miss (would 'your S.O.' be apropriate?) Annelies' introduction to those of us out here in LJLand? I went back about sixty posts, and couldn't find anything.

Re: Palm, Video, Dev?

I did all the development with CodeWarrior. The UI was originally done with Constructor back in 2002, but moved to PilRC for the 2004 version, IIRC. If I was redoing it all now, I might make a few different choices, but it's really been a very usable app.

Annelies -- we'll have been dating a year at the end of March. She's also known as kazanya from time to time, and she's pretty darn special. :)

In Transit notes... Fixed?

I think I finally have my notes on In Transit ironed out. Please let me know if you see anything amiss...

Thanks for the great panel!

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