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SXSW 2007: Day 5

SXSW is half-over!  It was another good day of festival going.  I started out by heading downtown to meet Annelies and her mom as Las Manitas Avenue Cafe for a plate of migas, then I took a much needed nap before heading to lunch and our first film, the documentary "Manufacturing Dissent", a critical look at Michael Moore.  It was quite even-handed and the filmmakers were conflicted about Moore -- they liked the energy that he brings to the left, but had big problems with how he bent the truth in his documentaries and always tended to push things that helped him personally over those that benefited the cause.  I really liked it, and I think it's a good piece for any fans of Moore's work.

We then hid at a coffee shop for an hour waiting for the rain to pass before heading downtown to party hop.  The interactive closing party at The Foundation was a snooze, but the film closing party at Maggie Mae's was a bit better.  It actually had food, and Fox (the sponsor), handed out gift bags with a "Family Guy" mousepad, a "The Winner" t-shirt, and a "Simpsons" noise box that reproduced the sayings of Homer.

We closed the day with the world premiere of the film "A Lawyer Walks into a Bar" at the Paramount.  It's a doc about six people taking the California bar exam, and it was great.  The audience was filled with lawyers and law students, giving the screening a real strong energy.  The material was handled with a humorous tone that worked really well, and the characters all had things that made them sympathetic to the audience.  The look was very polished too, and there were both winners and losers at the end.  Definitely a good film that should be seen by anyone who wants to learn more about how our system of law works.

Tomorrow: a movie about a guy who has over a thousand turtles in his apartment.
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