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SXSW 2007: Day 6

I'm actually working today (on a conference call as I type), at least until mid-afternoon when I head down to conference center to observe the fun that's the music fest.

Yesterday was a light day for movies.  The only one Annelies and I saw was "The Chances of the World Changing", a PBS documentary about a guy who rescued over 1000 turtles, including many endangered or almost-extinct species, and was keeping them in his New York City penthouse.  He wants to start a research center to preserve species of turtle for eventual reintroduction into the wild, but his plans keep falling through and he gets more and more depressed over a five-year timespan.  I liked the doc, but it suffered from being about 20 minutes too long.  Maybe they'll edit it more before it airs on the POV program on PBS.

I worked in the afternoon, then headed out for dinner at Stalite with Patrick, Tiffany, and Annelies.  It was quite good, and the one veggie entree was a fancy portabella mushroom lasagna with gnocci.  The desserts were pretty good, although I liked the presentation more than the flavor.  There were lots of good conversations.

Then, Patrick and Tiffany and I headed out to the music fest.  First band was Austin's local Oh No! Oh My! who played good music that constantly reminded me of other popular bands (Arcade Fire, Frank Ferdinand, Modest Mouse).  After that was Pony Up, a young female quartet from Montreal who did a song I kept hearing on Pandora that I liked called "Matthew Modine".  I really liked their show, but the acoustics at Flamingo Cantina were quite poor, and they never played their "hit".

The next performance was Lily Allen at Stubb's.  The show was at capacity, but Patrick and Tiffany had gotten into line earlier, so I was able to get in with them as the gradually let in more people.   We only saw the first half, but it was a lot of fun, with Lily claiming to be drunk and cursing out the show sponsor, NME, calling them obscene names and saying she wouldn't have played here if she'd known they were behind it.

The last music of the night was an Irish singer/songwriter named Damien Dempsey.  This was a really nice set with him performing with a full band in an intimate club setting.  I really liked a soulful song about the evil of European colonialization with a proper Irish rant at the end.  The show was helped by a number of Irish fans in the audience that were able to sing along with the faster songs.
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