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Two Tickets and a Webcast Down

I survived the AT&T Wireless Webcast! I was representing PalmSource on this two hour presentation to software developers, and I had two, lengthy sections, as well as a bunch of Q&As. The event went well, but it was disconcerting doing a talk to an audience without an effective back channel to let me know how I was being received. It's likely that we'll do more of these in the future, and I think I'll get used to it, but it's still an odd way to work.

I've now paid the San Jose parking ticket. I wanted to use their website, but I couldn't get to the server today, so I used the phone response system instead. It was completely automated; the only two human beings involved in this process of "law enforcement" were Officer Young (the meter reader) and me. I've also paid another parking ticket, one from Austin's finest. I went downtown yesterday to meet some coworkers for lunch, and only put an hour of time on the parking meter, but lunch took an hour and twenty minutes and I didn't think to go out and add more change. Austin's tickets are clever. The nominal fine for an expired meter is $30, but it's only $15 if you pay before your hearing date.
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