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My Mom's in the Chattanooga Newspaper!

This is really nice!  Congratulations, mom, although I seriously doubt the journalism since the reporter got her age so wrong. <GRIN>

From The Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Baby boomer Rose Combee was awarded the Connie Woodward Award for Volunteerism in Whitfield County.

Ms. Combee, who volunteers as the court clerk and librarian for Varnell, said she does not believe she is "worthy" of such an award.

"I think there are other people that do a lot more," the 58-year-old said modestly.

In 1992, a friend asked Ms. Combee to volunteer as the court clerk in the tiny Whitfield County town, and she has been doing the job ever since.

She said her job is "interesting," and she loves talking with individuals who are nervous because they have never been to court.

"So many people come to court extremely nervous," she said.

"It's fun to explain to them that this is America, and, no, we don't want to put you in jail (unless there is cause). I do get so many rewards when I do actually help people understand," she said.

Ms. Combee said she also helps Boy Scouts earn merit badges. At the request of troop leaders, she has spent time with Scouts to explain how local government works.

United Way is an important organization to the community, Ms. Combee said, providing funding for local agencies including the Boy Scouts. The agency helps residents find opportunities to volunteer, she said.

"The great thing about United Way is you can call them if you want to volunteer. If you don't know how to get involved, they will help find somewhere (an organization) that will meet your needs," she said.

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