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SXSW 2007: Days 7 + 8

Thursday, I didn't do much during the day but stay home and work.  That evening, I picked up my friend Charlie from the airport, we had a delicious dinner at Hao Hao, then headed to the Alamo South Lamar for a few films:

The Pipe - a really funny short by my friend Dan Brown about a paramedic and security guard who have the overnight shift watching an air pipe that's part of a radio station stunt.

Murder Party - dark horror comedy about New York City hipsters/artists who throw a party where they'll kill the guest for their art.  It got too bloody and gruesome for me at times, but I really liked their approach and many of their jokes worked really well.

Severance - British horror film about an office retreat that turns into a flee-the-insane-soldiers hunt.  Again, I found a lot of it funny, but it also was very brutal at times.  I just don't go for gore or for lots of on-screen violence.

On Friday, Charlie and I did a quick Fry's Electronics run, then headed down to pick up Annelies.  We had lunch at Trudy's, found a primo parking spot on Congress, then headed over to the Convention Center to see Flatstock, the big concert poster convention.  After that was a day show where we caught the end of the band Aquaduct's performance when they covered the "Walker, Texas Ranger" theme song.

After that, we caught three films:

"Skillz Like This" - stylistic comedy about a dejected writer who discovers that he can rob banks and stores, and about how he and his friends deal with his new notoriety.  Funny and charming.

"Eagle vs. Shark" -- really cute New Zealand comedy with the Jermain from Flight of the Conchords and a cute female lead playing geeks that fall in love.  There's a lot of "Napoleon Dynamite" in the characters, but the female role was much better realized here, and it was always quite funny.  My favorite comedy of the fest, I think.

"Fay Grim" -- Hal Hartley's sequel to "Henry Fool" is a very different movie; Fay's character is the centerpiece of this complex tale of international espionage, and there's a pile of plot.  However, it worked very well for me, and I loved the bits that referenced the ambiguity of the previous film.  The many out-of-US locations were very well used, and I loved Hal's use of text in some of the scene changes.  Parker Posey does very fine work here.
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