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Ben's 2007 SXSW Index
Number of feature films seen over the nine-day period: 18
Number of short films seen over the nine-day period: 12
Number of bands seen in SXSW showcases and parties: at least 11
Number of cloth bags received: three
Number of t-shirts received as swag at events: three
Number of packs of breath mints received as swag: four (plus a box of "breath mints for your eyes" eye drops)
Number of plastic bracelets received as swag: 2 (gray "Deadstrong" from "American Zombie" film producers, yellow "Cheat to Win" from The Onion booth)
Number of CDs received in bags or on show floor: at least 10
Number of voodoo dolls that were rubber-banded to those CDs: 1 (the Ryko Psycho?  I'm not making this up)
Number of "Homer Simpson" voice boxes received at the Fox party: 2
Number of "Homer Simpson" voice boxes received that had large globs of solder spilled over the PC board, rendering them unable to produce complete sounds: 1
Number of books of Sudoku puzzles with company branding received: 1 (thanks AOL!)
Number of happy users of the Palm OS SXSW Schedule application: hundreds
Number of Treo users spotted in line or in venues at the conference: at least 50