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Power Supply Efficiency

I learned something new today about finding more efficient battery chargers and power supplies.  If you look at the label on your phone charger or laptop power pack, you'll see lots of regulatory symbols and certifications.  The fancy "CE" means it's been tested against the European Union's rules, while UL indicates Underwriter's Laboratory testing, and so forth.  One of the recently added marks is the wording "Efficiency Level" followed by a roman number in a circle.  My Dell laptop's power supply is a "III", while the supply for one of my newer devices was a "IV" (higher numbers mean better efficiency).  Most of the adapters I saw around here didn't have a marking, alas.

The new Energy Star standard for chargers is "V" which means that the energy used when it's plugged in but not actively charging is at least 35% less then the energy used when it's active.  Obviously, it's better to unplug or switch off the power supply, but these changes should make a difference, and the standards get equipment manufacturers thinking about ways to make devices more efficient.
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