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Honored or Scared?
A thread on the Palm Entrepreneur's Forum today where people were speculating about Palm's upcoming announcement was titled "[PEF-Talk] The end of Ben Combee's long silence?". I guess I'm a little honored that I'd be the one singled-out to be mentioned, but maybe I should be a little scared too... I'm surprised that I didn't see anyone on the thread go "who the hell is Ben Combee?"

If you're interested, just pay attention to the tech press for the next 24 hours... I'm sure there will be plenty of talk and opinions once we go live.

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Jeff Hawkins? He's that guy who is doing some administrative work on Ben's super-secret-uber-project, right? ;-)

Good luck tomorrow!

- chris

PS: You have earned your fame, btw. Few people do an as amazing job working with developers as you do - even when it is not core to your job.

Thanks... I'm looking forward to supporting another growing developer community soon. I hope it succeeds.

engadget foreshadowing?

looks like engadget may have gotten some early skinny - hope it doesn't dull the thunder.


Who knows what lurks in the mind of Ben Combee?

Not even I, not even I.

I've been waiting for the final announcement on Project X for ages. I've been holding off on buying a new cellphone in anticipation of whatever techno gadget you've been working on. And I fully expect you to autograph mine when I buy it. Whatever "it" is.

I'd be glad to do so :) I don't know how well sharpie will go with the matt-black soft-touch paint, though.

I've got a silver sharpie you can borrow - very snazz

Hope you have a blast today.

As for the groupies, as long as they stay behind the electronic walls of talk boards you should be ok. It's when they start chasing you in the conference halls that I'd begin to worry...

"A Hard Day's Night" for the 21st Century!

You know, if I didn't need something that I could do development on (And I had a BT phone), I really would have regretted the $500 I spent on a T40 last friday. Can't wait for the devkit.

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