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We've Launched
We've got lots of launch info on the new device, the Palm Foleo mobile companion up on the Palm website.

Palm Infocenter also has a good summary of our presentation and webcast with more technical details than Palm's site.

I've been working on this since early 2005... I'm very proud of what my team's done, and I hope to share a lot more about my experiences with it soon.

Edit: awash in a sea of negativity, a few positive comments about the device from Rafe Needleman (who actually got to use it at the D Conference) and David Beers.

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(Deleted comment)
If you look at the target audience, it's people who use laptops a lot, but tend to have bigger ones that are mostly serving as desktop replacements, teathered to their desks. I don't take my Dell D610 to meetings, as I'd have to unplug cables, remove the laptop lock, make sure I grabbed my power adapter. I'll gladly take my Foleo with me, whether it's to a meeting to take notes, to the couch to surf the web, or to bed to read an ebook.

We've definitely got a marketing story to tell... and today, we're starting to get some pretty positive press from people that have had a chance to use it or think about the problem area it tries to solve.

I'm waiting for ads to come out about:
- Startup time (let me just take a quick note in a meeting)
- Time lost to updates
- Carrying the foleo + phone charger to the day of meetings vs. carrying two bricks
- Carrying the foleo through an airport
- The foleo vs. previous assistants: 1/4 the price of a current subnotebook, 2-4x the screen and keyboard size of previous assistants (for those of us with less than nimble fingers and whose eyesight isn't what it used to be). It's just screaming for a comedy skit.

I could also see ads going for the "Mom factor". I could totally see my Mom using something this simple.

Yeah, we really need some good concept ads. I think I'll suggest that we get someone to put up a series of YouTube bits where we highlight a feature of the device, 60 seconds at a time. Think of a split screen where you compare the procedure to take your laptop to a meeting versus taking the Foleo, or how many times can you put your device to sleep and back awake in a minute.

Heh... regarding the "sleep/wake in a minute" -- that reminds me of the old ISDN days. Some people used to laugh at ISDN and say it really wasn't any faster than their 56K modem. The ISDN folks used to say "Oh yeah? Let's see how much data we can each transfer in the FIRST minute!" Of course, the modem guy would barely be able to connect in that time (if at all), whereas ISDN connected almost instantly and was quickly transferring data at full speed.

I see this as a big plus with the Foleo. How often do people try to wake a computer or laptop (especially Windoze) just to quickly check email or check weather or directions on a web site, etc.?

If you have a Treo then you probably already know better than to bother with the desktop or laptop... unless your quick information quest happens to require a bigger screen or keyboard. Then you decide "OK, I'll look it up on the computer... it won't take but a minute". Five minutes (and maybe a reboot) later, the family is tapping their fingers (out in the garage) saying "Come ON, Dad, let's GO already!" ;-)

Another market is any household with simple contention where computer-using humans outnumber available computers... (Does Opera have parental control features?)

These sorts of ads would rock. I hope your marketing folk are listening to you! :-)

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