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Movies Worth Seeing

I finally got out to a few movies this week.

While out in California, I went to a late screening of "Shrek the Third"; it was amusing, occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. The story was lacking in parts, and I didn't like that Shrek and Fiona were apart for much of the film, but I'm still glad I saw it.

Tonight, I headed to the Lake Creek Alamo Drafthouse for a late show of "Waitress". I loved this film, and it saddens me that we'll never see any more work from Adrienne Shelly. In a sense, this film is a reaction to "Trust", the Hal Hartley film that starred Shelly in 1990. In that film, she played a teenager who finds out she's pregnant and who finds comfort in a weird stranger. That dynamic reappears here in the relationship between Keri Russell's pie-making waitress and Nathan Fillion's quirky ObGyn, but the story has a stronger feminist tone, along with some scenes that filled me with real joy. If you've seen the film, you'll know the sequence choreographed to a Cake song that just had me grinning, and I loved the ending.

I'll probably see "Knocked Up" very soon, another film about pregnancy but from a male perspective, and I've got plans to see the Hitchcock films at the Paramount on Sunday and the pinball documentary that's playing on Thursday, and I heard something about a big Joss Whedon event at the Alamo Downtown later this month that I might have to attend. It looks like there's a lot to see!
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