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I've finally got a Wikipedia Entry
OK, it's not actually about me. Go check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combee. I'll be here when you get back.

I'm a Pokémon! Apparently, Nintendo's American translation of one of their new pocket monsters combines honeyCOMB with BEE and produces COMBEE. Great, an army of little kids is going to try to catch me now. Although, if anyone sees a wall scroll or toy of the Combee, let me know. That would be kinda neat to have around.

Edit: I did find some merchandise -- the card from the new Pokemon Trading Card game expansion. I found a seller on eBay and now have ten of them on the way to my house (it's a pretty common card).

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I think you've just found yourself a new user icon!

>_< Oh.. oh no you so did NOT just go there..!

*falls over laughing*

Do a Google search on "codewarrior pikachu" for an easter egg that I put into a program I worked on back in the late 1990s... karma works that way -- I do something for the Pokemon, they do something for me. :)

LOL! That is funny. At first, I thought it meant YOU had a page! Ahh, we can all dream.

From the Wikipedia entry:

"males are incapable of evolution..."


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