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NYC '07: The Second Week

Since I last updated, I've spent a long week working towards the Summer release of the Foleo mobile companion. I'll be at the Palm Store at Rockefeller Center this Thursday night with a bunch of marketing people doing a sneak peek of the device.

Tuesday night, we went to a cute cafe called Josie's at Amsterdam and 74th Street. Apparently, they started as a vegetarian diner but have added natural-raised meats to their menu in recent years. The beet salad we shared was quite good, but I found my lentil loaf disappointing until I added some lemon juice to it.

After that, we met one of Ani's law firm friends and then saw the midnight screening of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoneix" at the AMC Loews at 67th. I really enjoyed the movie, and I thought it caught the emotional arc of the story well, without being as much of a "favorite scenes" movie as "The Goblet of Fire". We had to catch a cab back uptown because the 66th Street metro station was closed at 2:30 in the morning.

On Thursday, we got visitors, with Gretchen and Travis (Annelies's sister and her boyfriend) showing up mid-afternoon. We hung out some with them on Friday night, going to a cool French/Moroccan bistro in SoHo then ending the evening at a dive-ish bar called Milady's.

Saturday was a big tourist day for me. We caught a torturous #1 train heading south at a very slow pace because of construction, got off at Chambers St, walked down to the Hudson River where I got to see Ground Zero, then took the Staten Island Ferry both ways to get a view of the city and the Statue of Liberty.

Later that afternoon, we walked up to SoHo and the East Village where I finally got to go to Moo Shoes, the vegan shoe shop. I got a pair of Earth Vegan shoes for walking and some fancy Oxfords for going to events. We then headed up towards Tompkins Square and had dinner at Crif Dogs and Pomme Frites. The later was super yummy with us trying out the rosemary-garlic mayo, Irish curry, and parm peppercorn dipping sauces with a large order of freshly cooked Belgian fries.

We just saw Gretchen and Travis off to the airport, and we're preparing for an afternoon at the Met, the huge art museum on the east side of Central Park. More adventures to come this week, including the rental of a car next Sunday to take us up to a wedding in Massachusetts.
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