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Got Me a Foleo Shirt
FedEx brought a package from California today, a black men's shirt that has "Foleo" above the pocket. I'll be wearing this on Thursday when I go to the Palm event at the store at Rockefeller Center.

This is actually the first shirt I've gotten for this particular project. It was secret for so long! I've actually gotten a few shirts out of Palm though; there was a polo shirt for beta testing the Palm Backup software, a grey t-shirt with a wire frame model of the Treo 680, the "Spring Launch '05" t-shirt that came out with the LifeDrive and features icons of a flower, a rocket ship, and 05 all in a row. My favorite shirt was from last summer when Palm had it's 10-year anniversary of the PalmPilot; it's another black t-shirt, but it has a reproduction of the napkin sketch that Jeff Hawkins made of the original Pilot 1000, the product that started the whole mess.

I got a couple of shirts out of PalmSource, but most were generic logo tees. My favorite was a bright purple shirt that we gave out for a developer sync-up for a project that was codenamed Dialtone. The shirt doesn't mention the codename, but below the PalmSource logo there's the caption "350Hz + 440Hz" which references the two frequencies that go together to make a dial tone signal in the US phone system.

When I was at Metrowerks, I accumulated a lot of shirts. I still have a couple of the "CodeWarrior for Be" and "CodeWarrior for OS-9" shirts that were new when I started. I've got one of the alien "They use CodeWarrior" shirts that's well-worn, and there's a lot of now-useless CodeWarrior-logo golf-shirts hanging in my closet at home.

I don't remember getting any interesting shirts at Motorola; I've got a Veriprise t-shirt around, but nothing that mentions any of our products, although there's a VChat sticker on my badge from the 2000 PalmSource show. I hear there's a big corporate party the week that I head to California, so maybe I'll come back with yet-another-shirt to add to my growing collection.

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Jealous! Have fun at the event!

You got a shirt for beta testing PalmBackup?

I didn't get a shirt. Heck, I didn't even really see any obvious way to send in feedback. OK, there may have been some obscure reference to something somewhere, but I never felt like it was much more than "here's some stuff you might want to try, and we hope it works for you".

Incidentally, I had to shut it off recently, because every morning after my backup appeared, I started noticing a new set of duplicate floating events (in Datebook5). Every day I'd delete the extras, and every next day I'd have all of those back plus a new set. By the time I had six events duplicated six times, I shut off the backup. It worked fine for a while, so I don't know when (or why) that started happening, but I couldn't take it any more. Bummer, too, as it was nice to have automatic backup happening every day.

Re: You got a shirt for beta testing PalmBackup?

There was an internal beta before the external one -- that's how I got the shirt.

I've long since shut it off on my device. Using NVBackup on a 3AM backup schedule works fine for me, although I've not yet started using it's auto-FTP ability.

While I think Palm Backup works well for many users, I had problems with the GUI and the inability to easily get the data back except in the case of a hard reset when you're not likely to remember obscure username/password pairs. I also wish they'd not gone with a complex web services backend for it -- it would have been better for them to go with a simpler interface, perhaps just REST, and avoid all the library overhead on the device, IMO.

Wow... Be. Been a while since I thought about that. I think Access drove a stake into Yellow Tab, and there's just Haiku left. Lovely OS.

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