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NYC '07: Week Number Three

What have I been up to? Lots.

Last Tuesday, I went down by myself to the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater for Harold Night. This packed show had five of their improv teams all doing half-hour long interconnected skits from a single audience suggestion. I really liked the venue and the friendly vibe, and I'll probably go back down this coming Tuesday to see more stuff.

Last Thursday, we had a sneak peak for the Foleo at the Palm Store at Rockefeller Center. It was fun for me; I love meeting potential customers for the product and getting their feedback. Some of their requests were a bit out there, but a lot of them are feeding into our future plans. They had some good food there, then after the event, I went out with the Palm folk to El Cid, a Spanish tapas restaurant downtown at 14th and Broadway that was quite nice.

On Friday, I stood in line with lots of parents and little kids to get book 7 of the Harry Potter series. On Tuesday morning, about 3AM, I finished the book. In the middle of all the reading, Annelies and I headed to Brooklyn where we had a wonderful birthday celebration meal at the Four Course Vegan supper club, a really intimate dinner with a bunch of cool strangers at Chef Matteo kitchen space. I loved the corn pudding and the radish ravioli, but all of the food had something to recommend it. On Sunday, Ani and I rented a car and drove out to Massachusetts to attend a friend's wedding. It was about four hours each way, but the wedding was very nice, and my new dress shoes worked out quite well.

On Wednesday, I met Annelies at work, then we headed down to the East Village where we had dinner at a Moroccan cafe, then we headed to the Bowery Ballroom to see Les Chauds Lapins, a very cute quintet playing French jazz hits from the 1920's and 30's. They were followed by this group called They Might Be Giants that I think some of you might know. They're really old, so old that their show was mainly songs from the early 1990s. They had some new ones, but I only knew the words to the classic stuff. Seriously, I really enjoyed their show -- it's the fifth time I've seen TMBG in concert, and they're always great. Highlights were Flans wearing a giant drum for a rousing version of "Whistling in the Dark" including a confetti cannon that dumped lots of shredded paper on me, the whole band performing the "Fingertips" suite, and all the back-and-forth between the two Johns about how some fan said they weren't having enough fun on stage.

Earlier this evening, I went to the prom. Well, not exactly -- it was the summer formal for the law firm where Annelies is working this summer. It was a private party at the Museum of Natural History and it had a safari chic theme. Despite not having a suit with me in NYC, I ended up being one of the best dressed men there through some creative costuming -- I found a great white silk blazer at Filene's Basement along with some white silk pants, so I added a real pith helmet I found at a costume shop in midtown. I got lots of compliments. The party was nice -- they had a buffet setup in the room with the stuffed elephants, while there were bars and casino night stations setup in the huge lobby with the dinosaur skeletons. I was really impressed by the displays, so I'll have to go back before I leave town. Alas, since the event was in the evening, I learned the hard way that the events of "Night at the Museum" are probably not true. Annelies looked very pretty in a black and white print dress, and I got to meet lots of her law firm summer associate colleagues.

This weekend another friend comes into town, so we'll likely try to go out to Coney Island for roller coasters and freak shows. Next week I head to California for LinuxWorld. The fun never stops.
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