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Want to see Ben in a Pith Helmet?

Here's your only chance (so far)... I kinda like the look, so you might be seeing this appear more and more often.

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Cool! You could take the Life Unwired on safari ("Next on Discover, Ben Combee, armed only with a PDA and a laptop, explores the Amazon on The Life Unwired.")

Loves me the pith helmets.

it does coordinate beautifully with your coat and tie. :)

Looks great!

Just glad you're not carrying an elephant rifle to complete the outfit. Not that you would use it...

It's quite swanky actually.

While you're in NYC, you might enjoy knowing about the Tenement Museum. Here's a review.

First and foremost - my complements on the arm accessory. I think her smile complements yours quite well. Looks like an accessory for all seasons.

I'm thinking the african explorer archetype is a bit out of place at the moment - though you implement it well. Gold tie is maybe a bit of a miss - shouldn't it be an Eton tie (dark blue or dark red, with a crest in...).

But I'm thinking something a little more contemporary (less immediately anachronistic), and maybe a little edgier... gangs-of-New-York Boss Tweed mebbe?

Very cool! You must update your LJ icon to include it!

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