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Video Interview for VUNet
Earlier today at the Palm , I was interviewed on camera for VUNet.com's website talking about our Foleo mobile companion device. You can watch the footage and see me in the "Learn" t-shirt at VNUnet's website.

Edit: Palm Infocenter also links to the story in their article LinuxWorld Hands-On Foleo Demo Video if you want to follow the usual "playa-hata" comments.

Edit 2: #comments made comments about the Foleo and referenced my video. The writer likes my marketing spin, and wishes Palm did that for other kinds of communications.

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Video Interview for VUNet

That was very informative, thanks. I was particularly interested in the suggestion that the Foleo could be used as a standalone device. I don't have either a smartphone or any plans to get one but, since the Foleo was announced, I've been intrigued by the possibility of using it much as I now use the Nokia N800, as a very portable web browser and note-taker. I love the idea of a full-size, non-folding keyboard and the absence of a hard disk. I'd really like to know when the Foleo will be released in the United Kingdom.

Great demo, Ben. You've really managed to squeeze in everything you had to tell in the video, without going too fast for the viewers!

I've made a link to your video at http://foleocentral.blogspot.com :)

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