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Last NYC Update

I've been lax writing about my New York visit for the last few weeks since getting back from LinuxWorld in San Francisco. It's been a very busy time here in Morningside Heights. Annelies finished her summer associateship and has been working on papers for school during the day, and I've been busy with a lot of detailed work on speeding up the video playback on the Foleo.

We've been to a lot of cool restaurants. Just this evening, we headed over to downtown Brooklyn to visit Grimaldi's for some very yummy pizza. They've got a coal-fired oven that gets up to about 850 degrees, and it makes the crust really nice, crisp and chewy. They don't skimp on excellent toppings either.

On Saturday, we headed down to Chinatown to go to Vegetarian Dim Sum House, a place that serves all veggie dim sum (duh!) It was a bit of an adventure; I really loved the hot-and-sour soup, but some of the other items were a bit mushy and odd tasting. It was nice to have "pork" bun finally, and the place was hopping.

We also got to see some of the FringeNYC festival pieces. The first was "Galatea", an interesting take on Pygmalion, but its clunky takes on science and Buddhism and trite ending made us view it as a failed experiment. The better work was "Helmet", a videogame-themed take on the relationship between a troubled teen and a video-game store owner. It made clever use of gaming tropes and had sharp dialog and a lot of action.

There were more interesting food adventures. I recommend both Cafe Viva Natural Pizza on north Broadway and Hangawi, a really nice vegan Korean restaurant near the Empire State Building in Koreatown. I also really like the local bar and grill up here, The Heights, with their second floor dining room and great veggie-friendly lunch specials.

Finally worth noting: Nussbaum & Wu. It's a deli and bakery just a couple of blocks from year that makes lots of really delicious bagels. I've discovered the wonder of a good egg and cheese bagel; I'll have my last one (for now) this morning before we head out. They've helped me appreciate how good bagels can be.

I fly back to Austin on Monday. I really do love New York, and I don't think I'll wait another 33 years to return.
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