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On the Foleo Cancellation
If you've seen today's tech news or the official Palm Blog, you'll see that my project, the Foleo mobile companion, has been canceled. I'm disappointed in this, but I understand the decision. We weren't ready to go to market with this, and it would hard for Palm to support two different Linux-based platforms going forward. I think we did some really great things with the platform; I'm proud of the concepts and a lot of the execution, but I think the cancellation was the right decision given Palm's future direction for our smartphones.

There's some exciting work here at Palm for me with the new phone platform and I'll be spending the rest of my trip out here looking at various options. I probably won't be able to talk about any of my work here again for a while, as I'll be in secret mode again.

Thanks to all of my supporters and friends online and in real life. ...and no, I can't get you one of our prototype units, although I fully intend on keeping my own devices for my personal use :)

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Sorry to hear this. :( Hugs to you, friend.

Thanks. I'm actually feeling OK tonight, although I think I'll probably have a couple more Foleo post-mortem posts. I gotta post pictures of the easter egg that I built now that no one will ever see it :)

Sorry about this. You were the first person I thought of when I opened my email and saw the dev announcement. The Greek Chorus over at Infocenter is in full swing, of course. :(

...two different Linux Based Platforms...

Did I miss something in the announcement?

Dumb question: Isn't it a little late to cancel this? I mean, if you've got a prototype, haven't they tooled up already? Will we be seeing a container full of these things on TigerDirect?

Thanks for the memories...

Thanks for all the info on the forum.
I am very disappointed in the announcement.
I can't wait for Foleo dos.

Good luck on your top secret palm work...

Larry Cox

This is probably the right thing to do - but only because Palm has been botching every step of the Foleo launch up until this point.

I love the concept of the Foleo. It has the potential to be a truly revolutionary new-category-defining product line. But when you are launching a revolution, you don't tiptoe out the door.


I look forward to the Foleo II.

And Palm should learn a few things about "secret mode" -- right now they should be avoiding it. What Palm needs to re-earn credibility is more openness. I hope that they take the muzzle off you.

All my best,

- chris

This is a true bummer, as you put it. I wanted a Foleo so badly. In the end, I suppose it was for the best. Thanks for your work on this project and I am sure it will not be in vain.

While I am disappointed as well, especially after getting to have used the Foleo and liking it, I understand the decision as well and I am very proud of the people working on it.

By the way, what is this about an easter egg?!?! :D I must see!

wow.. my grammar sucks...

...after having used the Foleo...

I am so upset about the cancellation! You worked so hard and the Folio product sounded like the answer to my mobile computing issues.

I'm so upset I can't even spell Foleo correctly. Waaaaaah!

Did you know if there is a way to buy a Foleo anyway ?

I really want one. Thank you !

Sorry, I don't know of any plans to sell the Foleo device in the near future.

how long is the near future?

After reading your response, I have to ask...

With no plans to sell the Foleo in the 'near future', could you say if you know of any plans in the 'not so distant future', say 1st Quarter 2008?

Re: how long is the near future?

Near future means until we ship Foleo II... I don't think you'll see any original Foleo devices on the market.

Commiserations. Trust me, I know what it feels like. Bit of advice: take even a little time to regroup before diving into the next thing whether Foleo II or not. Your batteries need a recharge.

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