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I'm Starting a Rumor
I hear that there's talks going on at high levels in the company, and the word in the corridors is that Facebook may acquire my employer to make a play in the mobile space. Of course, the new venture would be called Facepalm.

Disclaimer: I made everything up.

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From the UrbanDictionary entry: "Sometimes forcefully done to others for humour purposes."

HAHAHAHA!!! That is too funny.

Well, either that or Palmbook. The latter would, umm, imply the Foleo wasn't so much discontinued as sold off? Le sigh. There is/was a nascent bit of photo gallery software out there called Faceplant. Wow, what an awesome name.

what a slap in the face. I tell ya, these corporate M&A guys just don't know when to stop. Next thing ya know, they'll acquire Azureus, then rebrand to get "AzPalm". But I guess it would be better than a kick in the ass...

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