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Today's Tweets

  • 14:01 Memo to self: when buying kolaches, check to be sure the jalapeno-and-cheese one doesn't have sausage before leaving the drive-in window. #

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I know they taste great, and I know everybody speaks this way around here. BUT -

An actual Czech kolach (kolache is plural) is *not* anything with fruit or sausage or whatever in it. To an actual Czech, or someone like myself who grew up with Czech natives, a kolach is a sweet roll, typically with fruit, or poppy seed, or perhaps a creamy cheese. The dough is a little sweet as well. You *never* have "sausage" kolache. Kolache are also open so you can see the filling, not enclosing the filling like the "sausage kolache" typically do.

Sausage rolls are closer to klobasniks.

On the other hand, languages change, and this is the U.S., not the Czech Republic. But don't go to Prague and expect to get a sausage kolach anytime soon!

Stepping down from my soapbox now ;-)

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