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"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!"

I saw the perfect movie to lift my mood this afternoon, and in one of the most perfect places for seeing movies. It was the recent Ben Stiller/Vince Vaughn film, "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" and the venue was the Alamo Drafthouse at Lake Creek, here in North Austin.

The Alamo is known for their pre-show entertainment, and this time, they had a great set of clips. They had Mr. T teaching kids to breakdance. They had the Zha Zha Gabor workout video where she tells the viewers that women want to look good in their clothes for other women, and look good out of their clothes for other men. They had the Terry Tate, Office Linebacker shorts which were directed by the director of "Dodgeball". They had a clip from the Playgirl Women's Workout, featuring a bunch of buff mustachioed guys that didn't seem all that interested in the women in the room. I'm glad I got there 45 minutes early.

Then the film started. The film follows the classic structure of "got to raise money to save our whatever" films. Vince Vaughn is the owner of Average Joe's Gym, a friendly place full of outcasts, but he's behind on the mortgage, so they've got to raise $50,000 dollars. I loved the cast; Ben Stiller did great work as the egotistical owner of Globogym, Stephen Root (Jimmy James on "NewsRadio") played his stock character in a very funny role, and Alan Tudyk (Walsh from "Firefly") had some of the best fill-in lines as Steve the Pirate. Rip Torn, who I loved on "The Larry Sanders Show". did a great job too. I couldn't stop laughing through this film; I can see this humor falling flat for some of my friends, but every joke seemed to hit for me.

While there were no lines as memorable as "Second place is first place for losers!" from "Blackballed", one of my favorite films from South by Southwest, this still gets my highest recommendation for consistently delivering some really, really funny material.
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