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Buy Stuff: Oasis

One of my favorite casual strategy games of the last few years is Oasis by Mind Control Games. It plays like a cross between Mine Sweeper, Civilization, and Tower Defense. You have to explore a small board, link together cities, figure out from where the barbarian attackers will arrive, find a glyph, and research new technology all with a limited number of moves. A single round lasts a few minutes, but the game links multiple rounds together to form a complete game session where you're trying to collect all of the Glyphs and make your desert civilization prosper.

I bring this up because I had it installed on my laptop, then when I updated to a newer Dell a few months ago, I wasn't able to run it anymore because of the DRM on the downloaded copy. I couldn't find my receipt or any registration info, so I assumed I'd be without. Then, at lunch today, I stopped by the local Big Lots! store looking for some shipping supplies, and I found several boxed copies for $6 each. I picked up one and it installed and worked without any problems.
Tags: gaming, technology, useful tip
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