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Tritium Exit Signs

I just learned something new. Tritium, the radioactive form of hydrogen gas, has been used to make self-powered exit signs, used in places like Princeton University. The information at the Princeton site seems to indicate that a broken sign could lead to thousands of dollars of cleanup costs. The Health Physics Society weighs on this in two articles: the first seems to indicate it is no big problem, while the second makes the cleanup sound like a major thing.

I guess I won't be getting one of these for my home. I do have to note that the HPS question list has a lot of interesting topics. I particularly liked the answer given when someone asked if they could use a courthouse X-ray machine to check for a hand fracture. I also found a link to a collection of Radioactive Quack Cures from the early 20th century, when drinking radium water might seem like a reasonable thing to do ("It's the curie for the common cold!")
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