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What's Ben Playing? Mid-October Edition
I Heart GameTap. Earlier this month, I finally finished the first episode of Sam and Max and started on number two, and now I've finally found the quirky wonder of Typing of the Dead. I could have gotten this years ago for my Sega Dreamcast, but I never got the keyboard peripheral for it. However, playing it in high-res on a PC monitor with my ergonomic keyboard isn't too shabby, and it's about the most fun I've ever had with a typing game. The genre's been around forever (see Typo Attack for an early example), but it never was done with zombies. I think something like this would have been an awesome game for the Foleo. Astraware did a typing/Graffiti game called T-Blaster back in 2002... it's not as much of a challenge with the Treo and Centro keyboards, but add zombies, and you've got something special.

The other games that have taken a bit of my time are Picross DS (puzzle-solving crack that I've been working on since August) and the Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass (awesome touch-screen action-adventure that continues to introduce new and interesting kinds of interaction even 2/3rds of the way through the story). I Heart the Nintendo DS too.

BTW, it's not been all game playing... but I can't write about work right now, and I've been covering my travels through Twitter (and the repostings here). I'll have some pictures from my trip to Colorado up soon too.

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I saw a zombie typing game in an arcade when I was in Japan years ago. It melted my brain.

And oddly enough, just this morning I was trying to explain that game to someone - as an example of how bizarre Japanese arcades are.

They also had a guitar-hero like game, with a Banjo.


I forgot one detail that made me love the game. It's based on "House of the Dead", but after the first round when you finally get to see your character and his team, you find out that instead of guns, you all have Ghostbusters-like backpacks made of Sega Dreamcast consoles with a drum-major-like keyboard placed in front of you. Yes, in the game, your character is typing along with you. Brain melting genius!

Yes - that sounds like the same game I saw in the arcade in Japan!

I loved that your characters in game had chest-mounted keyboards instead of guns. Absolutely insane genius.

I got Typing of the Dead on the bargain shelf at a store a few years ago. It was a lot of fun, but, sadly, my copy had a bug that kept it running with Direct X later than eight (at least that's why I think the graphics don't work now).

I particularly like the drills. The one where you have three people or zombies repeating the same motion over and over would make a great surreal music video.

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