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Space Kitties of the Future Love Abba

Annelies's roommate, Kirk, has two lovely kittens named Zelda (the brown one) and Daphne (the orange one). They just got spayed, so they have to wear collars for a few days so they won't pick at their stitches. So, I took the opportunity to take some pictures of their cuteness.

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Then I wondered if there was a dog-shaped "wooffer"...

When I first glanced at the picture I thought for a moment that these were stereo speakers shaped like cats.

poor babies! although, I must admit that I laughed out loud at the photo.

They get the cones off today... the first couple of days, they were a little down, but I was over there a lot during the weekend, and the kittens were rambunctious. They apparently figured out that while they couldn't lick their wounds on their own, they could lick each other's wounds, so it turned into a kitten-love fest. Sorry, no pictures :)

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