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Palm Centro Ad
Palm returns to television ads with this one from Sprint for our new Palm Centro smartphone:

I like it; it's got a neat idea with the "more you" clones and it shows off the phone without being too geeky. The last TV ad that I saw for us was a Verizon ad for the 700p that ran back in the spring, and it was pushing their whole "the network" thing a little hard, with the army of peeps following the Verizon guy.

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It's a neat little ad, but it dosen't really do much to seperate the centro from the 6xx series...

I'm holding off on getting a new phone (Like always!) until the Centro lands for GSM. 0% interest in switching to Sprint, SERO or no. At least the PDA price is finally in a good range.

"only from Sprint, on the fastest national mobile broadband network."

That is a little misleading - considering that the Centro actually does not support EVDO revA speeds.

Still - it is a nice ad.

My favorite Palm ads were the "Perfect Day" videos, which sadly never actually ran.

Considering that Bono is our big boss these days, maybe we could do an ad set to U2's "Beautiful Day".

As for the Centro's EVDO... yeah, it's not RevA, but its better than EDGE. I just with Blazer was able to do better layout without having to have every picture downloaded.

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