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Overnight with the Eee: Games Need Work

First, I still don't know how to pronounce the name. Is it ee-ee-ee or just ee or maybe eeze. Don't know. Doesn't matter.

I spent some time last night looking through the UI. I like the device, but it lacks polish. For example, the most important tab on its interface is Play/Games, right. Of the several included:

Frozen Bubble, a Bust-a-Move/Puzzle Bobble clone, played fine, but the music playback was a bit choppy, making me think there was an issue with CPU scheduling or that it was just a little too-much for the hardware. It does run full-screen, a very good idea given the limited area.

Planet Penguin Racer is a 3D downhill racer based on the older TuxRacer game. It played nicely, although the frame rate made me wonder if it was using the 3D capabilities of the chipset or was just doing software rendering.

Solitaire is the version from KDE and has nice animation and lots of variations. However, it suffered a lot from the limited screen area, and there were no smaller sized cards available to let games like Spider and Yukon fit on the screen without needing to scroll.

LTris is a Tetris clone, but it suffered from being too tall for the screen, making it difficult to see what's going on. They should have done more QA on this one and found a better version.

Potato Guy is Mr. Potato Head in software. It also lets you dress up Tux the Penguin and an aquarium. Cute.

Crack Attack is a version of Tetris Attack, a timed block swapping game. It suffered from screen size issues, but it didn't look like any gameplay was obscured.

The final pre-installed game is Sudoku from the Gnome desktop. It does have a full screen mode and plays OK, but it doesn't seem to support pencilmarks, something I used in a lot in the Astraware version on the Treo and Foleo devices.

More on more serious uses of the device later.
Tags: gaming, technology
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