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Buy This: Scott Bateman's Re-animator 2007 DVD

scottbateman is a cartoonist and animator who is pretty active here on the LJ. I first got into him a couple of years ago when he was doing a lot of political cartoons, then I started following his Sketchbook of Shame postings and watching his experiment in daily Flash animation, the Bateman365 project. He even animated a voice recording I made for one of the 365 entries.

He's got a new self-published DVD out called "Scott Bateman: Re-animator" featuring about 30 different animations made in the last year. I got my disc in the mail today and watched a few this evening, and they looked and sounded very ncie. While you can watch them online, they're beautifully recreated at high resolution here, and you get a unique hand-drawn cover by Scott with the disc. I highly recommend getting one for yourself and maybe one to give to a special person by going to It's only $15. If you like "Flight of the Conchords", there's a great story about Andrea Rosen flubbing an audition for them, and another bit features the actress that plays Mel on the show animated as a tower-building and kitten-hating femme-bot. There's also a few cool Scottmanimated music videos on the disc, including one by Sarah Shannon, the former singer for Velocity Girl.
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