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Worst of the Year, Twice Over
The Foleo has made another end-of-year list. Wired has it at #8 on their list of Heartbreaking Gadgets for 2007, while Popular Mechanics had it at #1 on their Worst of 2007 list. Both lists don't rag on the device for its functionality; instead they attack Palm for how they launched it and then canceled it right before it was to ship.

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I've seen a lot more risk taking going on internally in the last six months... in fact, the Foleo cancellation was part of that -- stop effort on a product that may have been moderately successful to instead invest at a product idea that was a bit further off but may have much more upside. Yes, it's still a phone, but I really think when we launch with the new stuff, it will be special with a number of abilities that haven't been deployed everywhere just yet.

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