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Alamo in NYC
I just found this article about the future of movie theaters and there's a particularly useful bit of info:

At Alamo Drafthouse, an 11-year-old Austin-based chain with seven locations, every other row of seats has been replaced with café tables, and customers can write orders for pizza and microbrews on slips that are silently picked up by black-clad waiters. The company is in negotiations to open theaters in large markets like New York and Los Angeles by late next year, with the goal of having 200 screens by 2012.

Very exciting! Now, the NYC location, if it happens, will probably be more like Lake Creek than the Ritz, but that's still better than the usual movie experience. Very cool!

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Interesting article. And I completely agree with the co-chairman of New Line Cinema, Bob Shaye, when he says, "Theater owners definitely shoot themselves in the foot by putting 40 minutes of commercials in there. If it's no longer a pleasant environment and you add that on, at some point audiences revolt." I very rarely go to the movies for just that reason.

I love the Alamo, though. Their fun reel before the main feature is more entertaining than what's on TV these days. I hope that the "Alamo experience" will do well in NYC.

While visiting the parents in north Georgia over Christmas, I saw two movies that both featured 3.5-minute-long music videos for the National Guard at the start of a 15 minute long commercial stretch, and this all was starting at the official start time of the film. Very, very annoying!

(If you want to see the cheesy video, I found it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJRthpxDM10 ... count the cliches!

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