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Sending Annelies Off to Africa

Yesterday morning, I dropped off Annelies early in the morning at Austin's airport. According to the flight tracking, her last of three flights just landed at Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania, so she's probably getting off the plane and going through immigration now.

We spent the last couple of weeks doing all the fun Austin stuff we could. We went to the Alamo Drafthouse three times, including a really fun "Real Genius" quote-along that I mentioned on Twitter. We had dinner out with several couples, getting to go to some places we'd not been in a while. We sat on my couch and watched "Out of Africa" and "Before Sunrise" and travel programs about climbing Kilimanjaro and going on safari in the Serengeti.

Friday night was a big Russian food dinner party that she hosted with her friend Heather. There was lots of toasting with vodka and lots of different salads and appetizers to try, most featuring mayonnaise! Saturday night, we had date night and went out to Zoot, one of Austin's fancy restaurants that I'd never visited. It was very nice; they have a farmer's tasting menu that's all vegetarian, although not vegan, so we both got that. The risotto with truffles was amazing, and I also really liked their basil ice cream that was part of Annelies' dessert.

I know that she'll be doing well out there. She's spent a lot of time preparing for the trip, and she's got great travel skills. I'm definitely already missing her, but we've got some ways to stay in touch, including cell phone and Skype. She's also writing a travel blog about the trip so all of her friends and family can see what's she's doing. (Here's the syndication feed for it as well!)
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