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As Seen on Twitter
  • 13:17 Got a royalty statement for my "Palm OS Web Application Developers Guide" today; it sold 3148 copies since it was published in August 2001. #
  • 13:20 The publisher has probably spent more on postage for statements than it's made in sales. Less than half of the advance has been repaid. #

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I've got a copy of the "Palm OS programming bible" right here(*) - I think I paid more for shipping than I did the book - And it turns out that it's just the right height to make this chair comfy at this table! Wooo!

(* Covers up to 3.5, I think. All of the 3.5 apps I actually want to work on I can't compile due to library problems. Boy, this OS is a pain royale to program for!)

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