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Things About Flying Through Amsterdam
I was looking at the Schiphol (Amsterdam) Airport website trying to see what I can do during my four hour layover on the way to Tanzania later this week, and I found this passage very illuminating:

"Allow yourself to be surprised by one of the many surprising toilets at Schiphol. You will feel as though you are in the heart of Amsterdam or are being surrounded by Dutch tulips. Location: G-pier and Lounge 2."

Somehow, I never think of toilets as something I want surprising me, but that might just be my cultural insensitivity talking.

Also, in describing the Back to Life Aquamassage at the airport, they say you "can leave your clothes on", which seems to imply that you could also take them off. If that's the case, I'm not sure I want to get into the aquamassage chamber.

Finally, in the "fun for kids" section, they talk about the Grand Café Plaza, which serves "genuine clown pancakes". I never thought clowns would make good pancakes; they might taste funny.

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...what happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam

Ben - it's _Amsterdam_. Of course the activities are clothing-optional. After seeing the ads for the sex-shopppes on the way in from the terminal, and the flyers in the main lobby for the 'entertainments' downtown, how surprised can you be?

Re: ...what happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam

Well, I've not actually been there yet... so now I'm wondering just how surprising the toilets will be to surprise me :)

You know, I saw the clown punchline coming and I just couldn't stop reading in time. *sigh* Silly man.

Yeah, I originally wanted to do a more explicit cannibalism joke, but then I remembered the old punchline.

BTW, the Red Light District is de rigeur. The Banana Bar is internationally famous, but search this page:
for 'banana' and see an alternative recommendation (but.. it's not called 'the banana bar'...)

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