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As No Longer Seen on Twitter
I've decided to suspend my LoudTweet re-postings of my unwiredben Twitters here. I heard back from one fan who was annoyed by them because they always had the same subject line, and it's pretty easy to follow them separately. You can subscribe to them by following either my public feed or the deluxe Ben Combee and Friends feed.

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No big deal, I follow you there anyway, LOL!

you could try, too . . . =) I'm glad you disabled it, b/c I read your blog and yr Twitter, so it was a little redundant.

I've thought about, but hadn't used it yet. I'll check it out when I return.

(Edit: OK, it was very easy to setup. See

Edited at 2008-04-23 09:58 pm (UTC)

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