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The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Getting Ready to Go

Unlike Costa Rica, I'm not planning on blogging about the trip to Africa while it's happening. In part, this is due to there being even less technology there, but also because I really want this to be a vacation. I'll have plenty to say about it when we get back.

You might want to catch up on Annelies' travel blog about her stay in Tanzania so far; it's at She just wrote about me visiting; apparently, the corn tortillas I'm bringing are going to be put to use in a "taco party". Exciting.

I would have been in the air already if not for KLM canceling their Friday flight to Kilimanjaro from Amsterdam. I learned about this when I was checking my itinerary online yesterday; they didn't send any sort of notification to me, and the first rep I talked to on the phone thought the original flight still existed. They've rerouted me through Minneapolis, London and Nairobi, Kenya now, leaving this afternoon. I get into Kilimanjaro Airport about 15 hours later than originally planned. Fortunately, the safari leaves Sunday morning, so we didn't have to make adjustments for that. After Safari is a day in Arusha then a few days in Zanzibar. I'm very excited.

We're coming back on May 6th. I'm going to take tons of pictures, and I look forward to seeing y'all when I return.
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