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First photos from Africa

We're back in the US and recovering from the trip. Annelies is still having a little bit of lag, and I got a weird allergic reaction blister on my neck from an unknown cause, but with some prescribed steroid cream, it's healing nicely.

I've started going through all 1500+ pictures from the trip, and I've put the first set on Flickr. This covers my arrival in Tanzania and the first 24 hours of our safari. This is the travel from Arusha to the Ndutu Lodge in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. We had a great driver for the safari named Jojo, and on this first day, we passed by a number of Masai villages before heading off the main road. We saw many, many zebra, wildebeest, and gazelles that day, but the real fun was at dinner when we got to watch the lodge's resident genets hang out on rafters above the lounge area. The next morning, we went on a drive around the lake near there, watching a few sleeping lions, a hard-to-track cheetah, a snake-kicking secretary bird, and some more herd animals. We returned to the lodge for lunch, then headed out to the Serengeti (more on that in the next picture dump).

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Cool pics.

Hey - how was the music on Friday night?

It was pretty neat; there was a larger group called Drumsistas then a smaller group called Djembabes. Both groups did drumming and dance, and I liked them a bit, even though they were mostly mostly middle-aged Austin women. :) After about a hour of that, a gospel group (the Original Bells of Joy) came up, and they weren't my cup of tea, so we headed home.

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