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The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Games Ben's Playing, June 2008 Edition

Here's what's taking up my occasional gaming time these days:
  • Geometry Wars Galaxies (Nintendo DS) - Robotron-style stylized shooter with great controls and lots of variety.  I got this last week and it's quickly become my "got five minutes" game.
  • Rock Band (XBox 360) - Annelies has been helping me with this, playing the drums and occasionally singing in our online band "The Pizza Dragons".  I'm enjoying the downloadable tracks for The Police and Weezer too.
  • The Simpsons Game (Xbox 360) - I started this while Annelies was in Africa, and I picked it up again tonight to try to find more secrets on the early levels.  I really like the game's use of humor, original animation, and the series voice actors.
  • Guitar Hero III (Xbox 360) - I found a good deal on this and a wireless guitar, so I figured I'd get an extra guitar to allow both guitar and bass in Rock Band.  I finally booted this today, and it's OK, although I don't like the classic rock emphasis in the track selection so far. Buying the No Doubt pack for this helps.
  • World of Solitaire (web browser) - this is a full set of well-implemented solitare games that runs entirely in Javascript in your web browser. I'm very impressed with the technical skill shown here, and since I'm spending a lot of time in Javascript these days learning more about AJAX development, it's really neat to see these techniques applied here.
  • Six Differences (Flash) - a really nice "spot what's different" game that you can play in your browser.  The pictures have nice animations, and I love how the designer includes the "remaining items" count in the scene.
I'm hoping to dig into the Wlliams Pinball Hall of Fame collection for the PS2 soon.  I love good video game recreations of pinball tables, and people say this disc is one of the best.  The Wii version is supposed to be even more fun, but I'm resisting getting another console anytime soon with the pending move to New York and resulting space downsizing.
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