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My Round Rock Express Experience
I'm not much of a sports fan. The last time I went to a professional sporting event was probably when I was in college and attended an Atlanta Braves game with my dad and sister. I remember reading a copy of "The Psychology of Computer Programming" in the stands for one of my CS classes, but I have no no idea who the Braves were playing or what the final score was. Earlier then that, I'd occasionally go with my dad to Atlanta to watch Georgia Tech football; the thing I remember most isn't the game, but the electronic scoreboard with the primitive animations to rile up the crowd or get them to go to various local restaurants.

So, with that background, it was odd to find myself and Annelies at a baseball stadium last night watching the Round Rock Express play the Albuquerque Isotopes. I got free tickets from my financial advisor, and I knew that Annelies liked baseball, so we went. It was actually nice; they had rented a suite where there were free refreshments, and our seats were near first base. The heat wasn't too bad with an occasional breeze. There were even moments of tension as we watched foul balls soar over our heads to land in the stands nearby.

In the end, the Express won 7 to 4, with most of the action occurring in the middle innings. I got to enjoy a state-of-the-art scoreboard with video feeds and lots of animations. We even got free water bottles as part of a promotion for the Click to Empower project. I probably won't go back before the end of the summer, but I don't think I'll mind an occasional outing to see the Brooklyn Cyclones once we get moved into our new residence in September.