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Today's been a lot better. The cough is still there, but I've been a lot more upbeat. I ventured up to Collegedale, TN with my Dad this afternoon to visit their Village Market. Collegedale has two distinctions: it's the location of Southern Adventist University, a school run by the Seventh-Day Adventists, and its the home of Little Debbie snack cakes.

One of the SDA tenets is not eating meat, so the campus grocery store has the distinction of being totally vegetarian. It isn't all health food; they have lots of normal brands, but the selection is pared down to the items from that brand that have no meat products. They have a nice deli in the store where I got a pound of fresh "chicken" salad spread, and we stocked up on some vegetables and other items.

After that, we went over to the Little Debbie Outlet where boxes of the snack cakes are available for 50 cents each. I didn't really want anything, but my dad picked up three boxes of assorted sugar bombs for the pantry, and I took a picture of the big "Little Debbie" banner.

In writing this, I went off looking for more information on Southern, and I found this dorm policy guide that's a bit frightening. I would guess that this isn't a school I'd want to attend; the sense of in loco parentis is huge, and they'd confiscate my DVDs and role-playing games! Still, the campus is pretty, and I'm sure everyone there is nice, in a Ned Flanders sort-of-way.
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