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Ben's Ginormous DVD Liquidation Sale

One of the first things people notice when they visit my house is my huge shelves of DVDs. I've collected quite a few since I bought my first disc back in 1999, and with my pending move to Brooklyn, I've got to get rid of a large number of them. I've got my collection divided into those I keep, those I put online for sale (mostly via my bencombee account on, and those that aren't worth putting online because they don't fetch very much.  Right now, there's about 250 discs in that "don't fetch much" collection.

Here's where you come in.  If you live here in the Austin area and think you might want to pick up some discs, let me know via email or comments and I can setup an appointment for you to come over and graze.  I'm charging $1 a DVD or $10 for a dozen,  There's a lot of crap, but there are also a lot of good movies that just happen to be have really big print runs.  What I don't sell will probably be sold bulk to a place like Cheapo where you'd have to pay $5 for the same movie.

My taste in films favors a lot of comedies and indie films, with a smattering of action and sci-fi.  You've probably heard of a good chunk of what I've got for sale, and just think, you could own it for less than it costs to rent it from a chain video store.

I may make a list for online peeps, but not until my local friends get a chance to check things out.
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