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Sorry, No Love for Online Friends with DVD Orders
My wishful thinking about posting a list of DVDs online is over... I've been stressed out and very busy and I've not had a chance to put up anything.  I'm actually planning on going to Cheapo tomorrow morning to dump the rest of the inventory, so with that, my non-Half.com DVDs for sale will be gone.  It just wasn't realistic, especially that part where I'd have time to box up bunches and ship them out to people.  Sorry for getting your hopes up.

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Oooh! You should post what time you plan to be at Cheapo. Then interested parties could make you an offer in the parking lot before you enter the store.

On second thought, that might look mighty suspicious to our local law enforcement....

I ended up doing Planet Replay up in North Austin for my first batch. Made about $90 on that one, I'll probably go back, as they seem to be a little less busy than Cheapo and they're definitely closer to my house.

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