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Small World

Last night, I went to a debate viewing party out in Manhattan with some of Annelies' law school friends.  It was a lot of fun, and we headed back to Brooklyn via the subway.  The B train was taking forever to get to the West 4th station, so we grabbed the second F train, since it stops about twelve blocks from our apartment.

We got some seats, and there was a man sitting next to us that looked very familiar, but I dismissed it.  The train got delayed while police were called to remove someone from the tracks up ahead, and while we were waiting, the man asked if we were from Austin.  I guess the KOOP radio t-shirt and SXSW bag gave me away.  I said yes, and asked him if he was Jerm Pollett, and he said yes.  It was very surprising.

Jerm has been around Austin for a while with several notable projects including the band The Total Foxes and the comedy group The Sinus Show.  I first started going to his productions almost ten years ago and usually had a really good time, so it was weird but cool to be talking with him in the middle of a subway tunnel in New York.  Annelies and I introduced ourselves, I named dropped <lj user="poyboy"> and the Show With No Name, and I found out that he'd just arrived in town that day and was looking for a room to rent. We couldn't help with that, but we did give him some suggestions for some theater spaces that might be amenable to doing his kind of comedy.  Alas, I found out the sad truth about the lack of an Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn; there's a long-standing New York City law that prohibits a movie theater from selling alcohol.  I think I'm going to write some letters soon!

Anyway, it was very cool to see a fellow recent Austin-to-New-York transplant. I look forward to seeing what he does with his comedy career up here, and hope we get to hang out sometime.
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